About Us

A group of smiling Asian folks with the AQUA banner at Pride Toronto 2018! [AQUA, aqua, Asian Queer Alliance, Toronto, Canada, AAPI, LGBT, LGBTQQII2S+, Trans, 2-spirit, non-binary, gay, lesbian, community, program, ACAS, QTAY, QAY, outreach, cis and trans femmes, and people of marginalized genders, gender diverse, social, events, workshops]
From Pride Toronto in 2018!

What is AQUA?

AQUA is a space created by and for queer Asians (meaning those identifying as people from Asia, including South and Southeast Asia) of marginalized genders (including cis and trans women, non-binary folks, trans men gender non-conforming, and gender diverse people) in Tkaronto. 

What do we do?

We are invested in intersectionality, fostering support, and creating social and educational spaces! This can take the shape of social endeavours like our Pen Pal Project, movie nights, educational workshops, outdoor adventures, dance classes... or anything else you want to suggest to us!

What we're up to right now

While the best way to keep up with what we're doing is checking out our Instagram or mailing list, we're currently getting ready to apply for our next cycle of funding, and are planning for the next year!

We're also always looking for new exciting ways to connect community members, and just recently launched our mailing list and you can always feel free to send us an email with any ideas!

For the most up-to-date summary of what's going on with us in the present moment, visit our Links page! That's where we have all the most immediate stuff all in one place, like event signups, surveys, links to our socials, all that good stuff!

Past Events

Who Are We?

We are always changing, adapting, shapeshifting and evolving, but here's who we are and what we look like in this moment right now. Please send us an email if you'd like to be involved with AQUA and tell us how you think you could best help!

joon lee, ji-yoon lee

Joon | she/they

"I am a queer 2nd gen Korean living in Toronto who makes a living out of mental health counselling. I'm currently making a career transition into nursing. I am at my best when I make time to read, tend my garden, and with my halmoni (grandmother)."

jamie wong

Jamie | she/her

"My parents are from HK and am lesbian who can speak but can't read or write (canto). Still figuring out how to get paid doing what I love but what I do know is: I want to be outside/in water, trees, public health and my cats. Currently thinking about She-ra. I am a strong believer that small is good."

veronica michelle, veronica ing

Veronica | they/her

"I'm a queer child of the Cantonese diaspora, a Scorpio sun/Aquarius moon, artist, and designer. I find joy in playing music, making food, video games as an art form, caring for my pets and plants, and eating ice cream."

Jiachen | she/her

"I am a queer Chinese immigrant living in Toronto. I love to foster connections within Toronto's queer asian community and make boring things more efficient. Outside AQUA and my day job at a tech company, I enjoy desserts with an asian twist, all kinds of theatre, taking care of my plants, standup comedy, and making crochet hats for cats and dogs."

Jen | they/them

"Hi my name is Jen and I use they/them pronouns! I’ve been with AQUA since June of 2021, and I love collaborating with the team. I graduated Western University with a degree in Music Education and I will be attending UofT in the fall of 2022 for graduate school. I love cats, crocheting, and bullet journalling!"

AQUA Asian Queer Alliance Toronto Canada AAPI LGBT LGBTQQII2S+ Trans 2-spirit non-binary gay lesbian community program ACAS QTAY QAY outreach cis and trans femmes and people of marginalized genders, gender diverse, social, events, workshops

Thank you

AQUA only exists with the support of our community members, and the support of our funders and donors. Thank you to:

Community One Foundation
Charlie's FreeWheels
Judith Nyman Secondary School
Aesop Skincare
Stories of Ours
Jenna Tenn-Yuk
My Sweetooth Hamilton